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What is php ?

2017-02-13 10:24:37

What is php ?

PHP is an open source general-purpose scripting language. PHP : stands for Hypertext Preprocessor it is a widely-used especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML and JavaScript .PHP generates HTML to be displayed on client side. thus, it is a process prior to view HTML and called Hypertext  Preprocessor.

PHP works on 3 tier architecture

  1. Client (Browser ,Internet explorer ,Chrome,FireFox, etc..)
  2. Server (Apache Server ,IIS,etc..  )
  3. Data base Server(MySql,Sqlite, etc..)

 The PHP code is enclosed in PHP tags ,start and end processing tags “    ?>"   that helps to run  in and out of “PHP mode” between these tag you can write you code of php.

PHP is light-weight scripting language which can easily run on  server, it doesnot need any type of configuration to made on server before using it, it is ready to use language with many php built in function  . Like echo to display  , mail to send php mail and many more ready to use function .

The advantage of using PHP is that its  free. You dont need to pay for buying expensive framework and server . Being a open source every thing realated to PHP   is free . like LAMP .(Linux apache  maySql  php)all is free as these are the part of open source.

You don’t need  framework to work in PHP , You can write your code on notepad  or  on any text editor. Since PHP is an open source it is having a large community to help you if you have stuck somewhere.



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